Lessons learned from Ashley Madison


Time: 4pm – 5pm in Auditorium Two

Ashley Madison. The 56 Dean Street sexual health clinic. Carphone Warehouse’s breach involving 2.4 million customers. These are just examples of data breaches that have taken place in the last month. And let’s not forget Wikileaks, which is the largest leak of secrets in the entire military history in the world.

How does that affect your business? Business Intelligence systems are windows into our businesses. It is important to think about who can see into these windows we have created, what they can see, and how organisations can protect themselves from simple human error through to malicious insider threats.

In this session, we will discuss some of the things you need to think about when defining the requirements and the data that we have in these systems. Ranging from how the data protection act classifies data, through to industry compliance such as PCI-DSS & HIPPA, this session will discuss how these can affect the way that we view and analyse data in our day to day jobs. By the end of this session you will have gained an appreciation of the wider issues about the windows in your business, and the issues to consider so that your organization isn’t the next ‘Ashley Madison’ – the latest byword in data breaches.


JohnMartinJohn (@SQLServerMonkey) is a Sales Engineer for SQL Sentry, who has over a decade’s experience in helping customers to protect and make use of their data in different industries. John has a lens into the business understanding of data, as well as a high degree of technical integrity that brings security front-and-center of the data story in a variety of verticals. Prior to joining SQL Sentry, John worked as a Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft based in the UK, working with a wide array of customers in many different industries that make use of data.