Mark Wilcock

Business Analytics To Manage Financial Risk

Time: 14:30 – 15:30, Auditorium One

Banks use risk management to reduce the chance of a large loss due to the price movement of financial assets that they hold (e.g. bonds, equities) or if a client defauts on a loan or payment.  Good risk management depends on many factors, independent oversight, good models, proper audit, well formulated policy – but at its core, it is a business analytics problem.  The challenge is to take a variety of data (trades, sensitivities, price history, reference data on issuers and counterparties) from a myriad of different  sources inside and outside the bank), calculate the risks  and provide the accurate timely reports and dashboards for risk managers and board committees. This talk explains why risk management is essential, and decribes the key aspects; data, calculation and reporting.  This is introductory level talk aimed at people who do not have knowledge of risk management


Mark Wilcock is an experienced consultant and technical community leader, with a business background in finance and risk management. Mark has end-to-end experience of all aspects of data and analytics, with a specific focus on SQL,Tableau, Microsoft’s BI stack, R, machine learning and predictive analysis

Mark is also a Lead Organiser of London Business Analytics Group, which is a data & analytics community group that holds monthly evening meetings in London