Power BI Unplugged with Guy Shalev

Guy ShalevCome and talk Power BI in this Power BI Unplugged session! Guy will talk about Power BI, with a special focus on mobility.

Time: 12:15PM to 13:00 in Auditorium Two

Guy Shalev is a Principal PM Manager for Microsoft Power BI, focusing on creating customer and data driven products, and the adoption of start-up working methodologies. Guy brings years of managerial and hands-on experience in the fields of BI, medical, online services, web, mobile and telecommunications.

Prior to to joining Microsoft, Guy was a System Architect for Cisco, where he lead the re-design and migration of a flagship product to the web. As a Senior Director and member of the Myheritage.com founding team, he played a key role in defining and building the company’s core products using complex algorithms and advanced user interface. In 2010 Guy co-founded a medical BI startup focusing on the analysis of complex medical data and processes, and the product was later used to run and publish multiple groundbreaking medical researches.

Guy is also a veteran UI/UX expert with more than 13 years of experience designing and implementing dozens of projects, from medical hardware to military grade equipment, and was the CTO of Puzzlehead, one of Israel’s leading UI/UX firms.